AdBlock iOS App | Advertisements are something that are pretty common to see when we surf in the Internet. It becomes pretty annoying when the ads getting more intense showing up on the screen. Thus, we suggest you to download AdBlock iOS app from this page.

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What is AdBlock?

AdBlock iOS app is an application that allow you to block the advertisements appeared on iPhone or iPad. The annoying ads won’t show up again on your screen after you install AdBlock. This app has blocked 99% of annoying ads, banners, videos, and popups on iOS devices since 2012.

This is the best app to get rid of ads that you can rely on. When you block ads on iPhone or iPad, it will save up more battery power, increase performance and experience, and save the bandwidth.

Besides what we have mentioned earlier, there are other benefits that you can gain when you install AdBlock iOS app on iPhone or iPad:

  1. This AdBlock app is fully compatible with the wifi or other network. You don’t need to set it separately.
  2. It has a local DNS proxy service built in where you can create your own rules and connect to any local domain.
  3. Protect your privacy by blocking mobile tracker.
  4. It won’t send your internet traffic to through any remote server.

We have provided a way to download AdBlock iOS app for iPhone or iPad. Follow the steps below carefully.

Application Information
File name: AdBlock
File size: 6.4MB
Category: Utilities
Compatibility: iOS 10 or later
Price: Free

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How to Download AdBlock iOS App

  1. Download TweakBox app from this page. Then, install TweakBox app on iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap TweakBox icon to launch TweakBox app.
  3. Swipe to the left to switch to APPS section.
  4. Select AppStore Apps.
  5. Write AdBlock in the search box to find AdBlock iOS app faster.
  6. Tap on the result and press Install.
  7. Hit the Install button on the pop up window.

how to download adblock ios app

AdBlock iOS app will be installed in no time. You can run AdBlock iOS app in your iPhone and iPad now to block the ads that usually appear on your screen. Start from now you will not see another ads on your iOS device. It’s pleasing, isn’t it?

How to block ads on iPhone games?

You can download AdBlock app in your iPhone or iPad to block ads on iPhone games. This app is very powerful to prevent the annoying ads showing up on your screen.

We hope it helps you to remove the unpleasing ads that usually appear on your iPhone or iPad. If you want us to review an iOS app or game, please write it in the Comment Section. Thank you for reading mioshaimawan.

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