Alien Blackout MOD iOS Game | Download Alien: Blackout Mod iOS game from here. This is a horror mobile game which your task is to survive from the Alien invasion. A new story is waiting for you in Alien Blackout game following the saga of Amanda Ripley.

alien blackout free download

Alien Blackout – Survive or Die

There are two main options that await you while playing Alien Blackout iOS game, to stay alive or die trying. You’ll face the terror of Alien in Alien: Blackout iOS game. You are trapped in a crippled Weyland-Yutani space station while carrying a deadly Xenomorph. The space station was damaged, but you must choose either relying your life on it or taking a risk by sacrificing crew members. Every decision can be fatal! So you must be really careful to any options.

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Use anything left in the space station, such as holographic map, surveillance cameras, motion tracker, and other stuff to help you survive from the Alien’s terror. This will be your captivating Alien experience that you have ever had. Create the best strategy of yours to stay alive and pursuit the victory.

download alien blackout mod

You can download Alien: Blackout iOS game by following the instructions from the section below. This game is unlocked. It means you can get all access and features on this game for free. No need of Jailbreak to download Alien: Blackout on iPhone or iPad. Just do like you normally download apps from App Store.

Application Information
File name: Alien: Blackout
File size: 253.61MB
Category: Games
Compatibility: iOS 8.0 or later
Price: Free

How to Download Alien Blackout MOD for iPhone

1. Visit this page to download TutuApp Helper iOS app. Install it on iPhone or iPad.
2. Go back in the home screen and launch TutuApp Helper iOS app.
3. Type Alien Blackout in the Search bar.
4. Tap on the list of result to direct to Alien Blackout download page.
5. Hit the Install button. Wait for the installation process til it is completed.
6. Done

alien blackout mod ios game

Now, you have Alien: Blackout MOD iOS game in your iPhone or iPad. Play Alien Blackout game and try your best to survive from the horror of Alien using the limited source in the station. Die would be the last thing you want in this game.

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This will be the most challenging game in Alien Franchise that you would have. If you need a guidance, you can take a look on the video below.

That’s all about Alien: Blackout MOD iOS game. Do you have tips and tricks for Alien: Blackout players? Feel free to drop it in the Comment section below. Thank you for reading mioshaimawan. Happy playing, Folks!

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