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Alook Mobile Browser iOS REVIEW

Alook Mobile Browser iOS could be the best mobile browser iOS 2018 that you need for iPhone or iPad. It has no push, news nor annoying ads. Alook browser iOS is quite small, 23.4MB, that’s why It could boost very fast – under one second. Download Alook Browser iOS on this article.

download fastest browser for iPhone

As the fastest browser for iPhone, Alook browser iOS has a floating video and music player built-in. It also has the share links and background play, just like Safari. Alook mobile browser enables you to share your favorite music and videos with your friends via WhatsApp or other social media. It even fits for old iPhone or iPad.

Download documents or files are easy with Alook browser iOS. It even is able to decompress and compress zip, rar and 7z files. Furthermore, it supports full-format ebook reader (txt, pdf, epub, mobi, azw, azw3, azw4, prc, pdb). No plugin is needed for this feature.

With the help of Alook mobile browser iOS, transferring file is getting easier. It has wifi transfer feature that allows the user to transfer the file through wifi connection. Then, you can check the files using the File manager on this app. No wonder that Alook web browser is the best mobile browser for iOS

When you use Alook mobile browser iOS, you will not see annoying ads anymore. Alook mobile browser for iPhone has Adblock feature that will block the advertisements. It also supports for manually editing tagged ads.

download best mobile browser for iphone

Download Alook Mobile Browser for iPhone / iPad

Follow the steps below to download Alook Mobile Browser for iPhone or iPad. It fits perfectly for iPhone, iPad or iPhone X.

Application Information

File Name: Alook Browser – 2x Speed
File Size: 23.4MB
Category: Utilities
Compatibility: iOS 9 or later.
Price: Free

Download Alook Mobile Browser for iPhone

How to Install Alook Browser for iPhone or iPad

  1. Download Alook Mobile Browser from App Store by tapping the link above.
  2. Tap Get and Touch ID to install Alook mobile Browser on iPhone or iPad device.

download Alook fastest mobile browser for iPhone

Go back to the home screen and wait until the download progress is done. You will see the icon on the screen when it’s done.


Alook Mobile Browser Features:

This best browser for iPhone or iPad has more wonderful features that make you forget your old browser on iOS.

  1. Touch ID or Face ID authentication
  2. Full page snapshot
  3. iCloud sync
  4. Privacy Mode
  5. Night mode, text only mode, full screen mode
  6. 1Password, LastPass, Avast Passwords
  7. Front and back camera to scan QR code.
  8. Print or create PDF
  9. Custom font, languages, screen rotation lock
  10. Pull down to refresh

The features above are only some features of Alook mobile browser. There are actually more features that it brought. Download Alook mobile browser for iPhone or iPad and see yourself how fast this browser.

For the privacy and security, Alook mobile browser iOS will not upload your account, password and any activity data. Use the incognito mode if you don’t want to leave history, caches or cookies.

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