CamScanner iOS 11 Download

Use your iPhone or iPad to scan document. CamScanner iOS 11 is the best app that is very useful to scan document using iPhone or iPad. You can scan docs and turn them into PDF or image with best quality. In this article, we well learn how to download CamScanner iOS 11 for free.

camscanner pro ios 11

CamScanner App iOS 11 Review

With CamScanner App iOS 11, everyone can scan docs using smartphone with best quality in no time. Send the scanned documents to email, fax, print or save in Cloud. CamScanner Pro iOS 11 provides 10GB to store all documents of premium members.

There is a special feature of CamScanner iOS 11 that you might love. It is OCR (Optical Character Recognition). This feature is able to extract text from image. But you can only get this feature from CamScanner Pro iOS 11 only.

If you are interested to CamScanner app iOS 11, you can follow the tutorial how to download CamScanner iOS 11 below:

Application Information:
File Name: CamScanner
File Size: 59.19 MB
Category: Productivity
Compatibility: iOS 10 or later

How to Download CamScanner iOS 11

  1. Download AppValley app from this link. AppValley is the App Store alternative app.
  2. Install AppValley on iPhone or iPad. Open it.
  3. Use search feature on the bottom right and type CamScanner on it.
  4. Tap Get and Install.

camscanner ios app download

Wait a few minute to install CamScanner pro ios free on iPhone or iPad. You will see the full icon appears on the home screen when the installation has been succeeded.

The premium version of CamScanner Pro will give you permission to remove the watermark that usually appears when you use the free version. It’s also ad-free. You will not see advertisement if you use CamScanner pro ios app.

CamScanner iOS 11

It supports AirPrint and Fax Documents. It means, you can print your scanned docs via AirPrint or send it via Fax.

Not only able to turn into PDF, CamScanner app iOS 11 allow you to turn the scanned docs itu JPEG format. You then can send it via social media, email or send the document link.

The CamScanner Pro iOS free will automatically back up your documents to your Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive or Box. But you need to sync CamScanner Pro iOS free to your account in that cloud storages.

How to Scan Document on iPhone using CamScanner iOS 11

1. Open CamScanner app iOS 11.
2. Select the Camera icon to open the camera.
3. Capture the document that you want to scan.
4. Review your image. Repeat if the image is not satisfying.

camscanner ios 11
5. Press the check icon if the image has met your expectation.
6. CamScanner iOS 11 will ask you to crop the image when you have approved it.
7. Tap the check icon.
8. Now it comes to edit the brightness. Adjust the brightness and sharpness as you want.

camscanner ios app
9. Press the check icon. Press Add if you want to scan another document.
10. Select the email icon to directly send the scanned documents.

camscanner pro

Your documents will be backed up automatically in the phone memory. Just check the My Documents/Homepage of the CamScanner app iOS 11.

Check the video below to know how to use CamScanner iOS 11.

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