Download Game Dev Tycoon Mods iOS | Download Game Dev Tycoon Mods for iPhone from this article. The Game Dev Tycoon is a business simulation game that gives you experience about how to start a company in the 80s. This game is pretty good if you want to know about game business.

game dev tycoon guides

In the Game Dev Tycoon Mods, your goal is to create best selling games. You can do research on the new technologies and invent new game types. Set yourself to be the leader of the market in the game.

Your journey will start from a small garage in the 80s. There, you will see how you develop your very first easy games. In this part, you need to get as much as experience that you can in order to excel yourself. New options will be unlocked as you gain more experience.

Remember that every decision you choose plays important roles to the developments of your career. It will affect to your success of the game. Growing company is another goal that you must achieve in the game as well as develop more advanced games.

Download Game Dev Tycoon iOS

Application Information
File name: Game Dev Tycoon
File size: 52.01MB
Category: Games
Compatibility: iOS 9.1 or later
Seller: Greenheart Games Pty. Ltd.

Important note:
Since you are going to download the mods version of Game Dev Tycoon that is not available on the App Store, you should read the complete instructions on the following section.

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How to Download Game Dev Tycoon Mods

  1. At first, visit the AppValley download page and install the app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. The installation may differ than the usual, so you’d better read the tutorial on the page.
  3. Launch AppValley and tap on the magnifying icon on the right bottom.
  4. Type “Game Dev Tycoon” in the Search box to find the app easily.
  5. The result will show up and tap on the GET button next to it.
  6. In the Game Dev Tycoon download page, press on the GET button once again and the Install button on the confirmation box followed.
  7. Wait for the installation to be completed.

how to download game dev tycoon mods

Now, go back to the home screen and tap on the Game Dev Tycoon icon to run the game.

Game Dev Tycoon Guides or Training

Having the Game Dev Tycoon guides or training would make you understand more about how to play the game. You will know what to do and how to do it. It also can help you to get achievements in the game. Watch the following video about the Game Dev Tycoon guides or training:

Game Dev Tycoon Cheats

You might be wondering if there are any Game Dev Tycoon cheats to get some items for free or unlimited items usage. Well, there might be some cheats that you can try. To know about the Game Dev Tycoon Cheats, check the following video.


That’s all about how to download Game Dev Tycoon Mods for iPhone or iPad. Hope it helps you a lot. Grow your business and create complex games.

If you want to play it on the Windows PC or Mac, you can download the emulator on this page.

For queries and suggestions, feel free to write in the comment sections below. Thank you for reading mioshaimawan, Folks!

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