Download KODI for iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak

KODI app: Watch Movies on iPhone to a Big Screen TV

Kodi application is an extraordinary media player that allows us to play any kind of videos in our gadgets. This wonderful application supports iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android devices, PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10, and also Mac. We can also connect Kodi app to a big-screen TV. So you will feel like having a mini home theater. In mios.haimawan, we will show you how to download and install Kodi app for iOS gadgets like iPhone and iPad.

kodi for ios download movie

It’s the addons that supports Kodi app to play videos or TV online for free that makes this application becomes a popular media player app for iOS. Besides, Kodi app is available for free for iPhone and iPad. Kodi for iPhone support many versions of iOS, such as iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10 and even iOS 11.

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However, this app isn’t available on the App Store. Even so, we will show you how to download Kodi for iPhone and iPad without Jailbreak. Keep reading to find out how to do it.

Download Kodi for iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak

The tutorial to install Kodi app on iOS/iPhone/iPad below doesn’t require PC Windows or Mac. TweakBox app allows you to download Kodi app directly from iPhone or iPad. You don’t need to use PC Windows or Mac to install Kodi on iPhone or iPad.

  1. Download TweakBox app and install it on your iOS gadget (iPhone and iPad) because Kodi isn’t available on the App Store.
  2. Launch TweaxBox app and tap on the APPs tab on top.
  3. Go to Tweakbox Apps to find Kodi for iOS.
  4. Scroll down to find Kodi app or just type ‘Kodi’ in the search book for easy way.
  5. Tap on Kodi and press Install.
  6. A pop up notification will appear, click Install to proceed.
  7. Done.

Download Kodi for iPhone

The downloading process will take a few minutes. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection to download around 60MB. If you have seen the Kodi’s icon fully appears on the home screen, it means Kodi app has successfully been installed on your iPhone/iPad.

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Before using Kodi app on your iPhone/iPad, you need to make sure that the iOS system has given Kodi for iPhone permission to run. How to check this one? Read the steps below to find the answer.

Install Kodi for iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak

  1. Go to Settings and General.
  2. Scroll down and find Profile & Device Management.
  3. Tap on Compagnie Marocaine.
  4. Tap ‘Trust Compagnie Marocaine’.
  5. A popup notification will appear. Tap Trust once again to confirm.

install kodi for iphone

Now, Kodi for iPhone/iPad is ready to run on your iOS gadgets. You can start to install add-ons before playing the movie or video that you want to watch from internet. There are a lot of free addons available for Kodi for iPhone. You can download them by yourself. However, we have provided five best addons for Kodi app for iPhone on the article below. So you know which addons that you need the most.

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Before you proceed using Kodi for iOS, we suggest you to use VPN to keep your privacy and security. One of the best VPN that you can use is IPVanish. It has multiple high speed servers that make it comfortable to watch movie streaming via Kodi for iPhone. Moreover, IPVanish offers a low cost VPN.

Kodi for iPhone download

Top 6 Most Popular Kodi Addons for iPhone/iPad


Covenant is a new Kodi addon that could be said as the clone of Exodus. It has quite similar user interface as Exodus. Covenant will let us to play movies and TV shows.The good thing of Covenant compared to Exodus is that it has active development. So it seems like there will be regular update for Covenant. For Exodus users, it’s best to upgrade to Covenant if you want to have the same experience.

covenant kodi addon download


Nemesis Kodi addon allows you to stream live sports, air traffic control and police scanner feeds. This addon is also able to play music and audiobooks. Many users said that Nemesis Kodi addon is effective at pulling in streams and it works flawlessly. Nemesis is one Kodi addon that you would likely to have in your list. Install Nemesis on your Kodi app for iOS and experience it yourself.

nemesis kodi addon download


We can say that Elysium is the reborn of the popular kodi addon, Zen. Just like Zen, Elysium allows the Kodi for iPhone/iPad users to stream TV and movie. Elysium also brings a lot of updates to increase the performance and to give the users better experiences. In the recent update, Elysium makes it easier to find movie content. It has some features that allow us to search according to some categories, such as genre, year, and even favorite actors and actresses.

elysium kodi addon download


Specto is one kind Kodi addon that will give you experiences like, Exodus. The user interface of Specto is also similar to Kodi, which means it will be easy for you to operate Specto. As one of the best Kodi addons, Specto lets you to stream TV shows and movies. It also receives reguler updates to repair the broken links that mostly appeared. Make sure you always install the latest update of Specto to enhance the performance.

Specto Kodi addon download

BOB Unleashed

BOB Unleashed might sound a bit odd for an addon, but this Kodi addon is one of the best of its kind. This Kodi addon will give you a high-quality streaming content. It provides a lot of new release films under the New Releases section. Check this section regularly to see if the movies that you are waiting for have been on the list.

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The BOB Unleashed Kodi addon has some categories that has a list of great movies. Check on Thunder, TNPB and Valhalla and you will see a lot of great movie lists by categories. You can browse the movie based on the actor name, anthology, horror, crime, and many more.

BOB Unleashed Kodi addon download

Genesis Reborn

Genesis Reborn is one of the best Kodi addon that you should put in your list. This Kodi addon has great features that other Kodi addon might not have, HD and 4K streaming. Streaming movies and TV Show in HD or even 4K is possible using Genesis Reborn.

Not only able to stream in HD and 4K qualities, Genesis Reborn is also able to disable Captcha hosts. It means that Kodi users will not feel disturbed by the popup message that asks them to fill in the Captcha. We believe that soon Genesis Reborn will be your favorite.

Everyone can find the latest version of Genesis Reborn in the Jesus Box Repository.

Genesis Reborn kodi addon download

That’s all the six most popular Kodi addons that we believe will give you better experince while streaming TV Shows and movies. We hope it can help you to find the best Kodi addon that suits your need.

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Once again, it’s recommended to use VPN before your download Kodi for iOS/iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak to watch your favorite movies and TV shows by streaming. The VPN will keep your activity secure and private.

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