Download PokeGo++ iOS (Pokemon Go++)

Collecting Pokemon is a fun thing to do. You can explore your town to find different types of Pokemon. Most of them are cute and funny. But some are hard to get and only appear in particular area. If you experience this, you can download PokeGo++ iOS.

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Download PokeGo++ App

PokeGo++ is a tweaked version of Pokemon Go app. It has a Fake Location feature that lets you find Pokemon from around the world without leaving your house. Getting rare Pokemon is not just a dream now.

Basically, PokeGo++ app has similar functions like the original Pokemon Go games. But, we still suggest you to create a new account when you are using this app. This is to avoid if Niantic knows and bans this app, so you still have your account from the original app.

If you are interested to this app, you can read on the following section. So here we go:

Application Information
File name: PokeGo++
File size: 122.93MB
Category: Games
Compatibility: iOS 9.0 or later
Price: Free
Author: GlobalPlusPlus

Important note:

The application we will download is only available on App Store alternatives app like AppValley. Therefore, you should read the instructions completely in order to understand the method.

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How to Download PokeGo ++ for iPhone

Before you proceed the installation, we suggest you to uninstall the original Pokemon Go app.

  1. First of all, head to this page to download AppValley on iPhone and install it on your iOS device.
  2. It has different way of installation. You can follow the guidance in that page.
  3. Once the installation finishes, tap on the AppValley icon on the dashboard to open the app.
  4. Scroll down to find PokeGo++ app, or you can use the searching feature to help you.
  5. Tap on the GET button next to it to visit the PokeGo++ download page. Hit the GET button once again.
  6. Press on the Install button from the confirmation box.
  7. Wait for the installation to be finished.

download pokego++

The PokeGo++ has a joystick feature to help you point on certain directions. To use this feature, you can do triple tap and you will have the joystick.

Pokemon Go games is developing. Now you can do battle with other trainers. To win the battle, you should train your Pokemon well.


That’s all about how to download PokeGo++ iOS. Collect Pokemon as many as you can. Find all rare pokemon and train them.

So, what is your favorite Pokemon? Do you have any tips to train or get rare Pokemon? Tell us your thoughts. We would like to hear it.

Share your Pokemon Go Friend codes in the comments section below so that other players can add you.

Thank you for reading mioshaimawan, Folks. Happy collecting Pokemon!

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