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Facetune 2 Review

Get a better selfie photo of yours with Facetune 2 app for iOS. This app is the best selfie editor and cam for iPhone that you can find for free. From now on, your photos will be amazing. Take the perfect selfie every time using Facetune 2 App download for iOS.

Facetune 2 app provides many retouching features. You can easily pick the ones that suit to your styles. No pro skill is needed to produce great photos. Just choose and your selfie photos will be retouched automatically. Everything will be done in seconds.

Everyone calls Facetune 2 app as the best makeup and beauty editing app. It has an advance editing technology and super easy tool to use. With a few taps, Facetune 2 app can help you to withen teeth, remove blemishes & pimples, smooth out skin, contour & slim faces and many more.
Facetune 2 photo editor

Download Facetune 2 App for iOS

Tap the download button below to download Facetune 2 app for iOS. Let your friends wonder of how pretty you are now. Surprise them all.

Facetune 2 Application Information

File Name: Facetune 2
File Size: 166.8MB
Category: Photo & Video
Compatibility: iOS 9 or later.
Price: Free

Facetune 2 app download for ios

Facetune 2 Features

Get to know more about Facetune 2 App and what this app can do for you.


Having white teeth is no longer a dream for you. Facetune 2 will help you to have it. So, you don’t need to be shy again showing your smile in front of the camera. It also can wide your eyes and smiles.

Want to have different eyes color? Facetune 2 app download allows you to do that. You can edit and change color of your eyes easily. You can also add eyes details and give some reflection for sparkling eyes.

Red eye because of the flash will no longer be a threat. Facetune 2 free can easily remove it.

Facetune 2 editor


Do you feel that your skin is not smooth? Worry not. Facetune 2 app will help you to smooth out your skin for a flawless look in no time. It can also help you to remove wrinkles or pimples instantly. Use the airbrush feature to get glowing skin.

Taking selfies under strong light could cause the skin looks red. Facetune 2 free can fix it. It can cool down the red skin, remove the shine because of the oily skin, and restore the pale skin with a vibrant glow.


If you think that the provided filters still don’t meet your expectation, Facetune 2 app lets you edit it personally. With the professional tools on Facetune 2 free app, you can easily change the features to be skinnier or wider. Also, you can change the light source to get the perfect lighting.

Harsh lighting can cause shadows and glare. With the help of the professional tools on Facetune 2 photo editor, you can remove them easily. Facetune 2 editor also lets you control the temperature, saturation, sharpness, brightness and many more. You can compare before and after every time you edit.

Facetune 2 app before and after:

Facetune 2 before and after


Changing backgrounds now is getting easier with Facetune 2 photo editor. It allows you to change the backgrounds of the photo easily. It also provides light effects which you can apply on your photos. Use the beautiful filters on Facetunes 2 photo editor for easy and fast edit.


This is one of the best features of Facetune 2 photo editor. Apply all the effects, like smooth skin, whiten teeth while you are taking selfie pictures, not after. It means you can directly share your photos after taken. No editing is needed afterward. This is very useful if you don’t have time to edit the photos of yours.

Check the video below for Facetune 2 app review:

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