Fix TutuApp Unable to Verify App Error | TutuApp Helper iOS is one of the best App Store alternative apps where iOS users can download iOS app for free. It provides a lot of free and paid iOS apps and games. However, we’ve got a report about a TutuApp error says Unable to Verify App after they install TutuApp on iPhone. Hence, in this post, we are going to discuss about how to fix TutuApp Unable to Verify App error in iOS devices.

tutuapp error unable to verify app

Issue: TutuApp Unable to Verify App Error

It is quite annoying to have TutuApp error unable to verify app. This error usually appears after you download TutuApp for iPhone or iPad. When you have this TutuApp error, you will neither be able to run the app nor download iOS apps from it.

Actually the TutuApp error you see on your screen is quite common to happen. There are several main causes why you have TutuApp error unable to verify app even though you have just download and install the fresh copy:

  • The license is expired. As a third party that is not available in App Store, its certificate is only for a limited of time. And Apple usually revokes the certificates unnoticed. This causes TutuApp gets error like unable to verify app.
  • The second reason is you haven’t verified this app after the installation finished. Since TutuApp is not from the App Store, you need to give it a ‘Trust’ before you can run it on your iOS devices.

After knowing the two main reasons above, know you can read the tutorial in the section below to fix TutuApp error unable to verify app.


How to Fix TutuApp Unable to Verify App Error

Follow the steps-wise guides below to do so:

  1. Do a long press on the TutuApp icon and tap on the x mark to uninstall TutuApp.
  2. Open your Safari browser and type in the address bar. Visit this link for complete TutuApp installation tutorial – How to Download TutuApp iOS
  3. Press the Install button to download TutuApp Helper for iPhone. Wait for the installation until it is completed.
  4. Return to the home screen and tap on Settings.
  5. Go to General > Profiles & Device Management and tap on the profile under Enterprise App.
  6. Tap on the profile (the name may vary) and hit Trust the app.
  7. Done!

how to fix tutuapp error

tutuapp error fix

Now, you have successfully verified TutuApp Helper iOS on your iPhone. The TutuApp is ready and you can start download iOS apps and games from it.

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That’s all how to fix TutuApp unable to verify app error. Now, you should be free of the distress of the error on TutuApp. We hope it can help you fixing the problem. For queries and suggestions, feel free to write them in the Comments section below. Thank you for reading mioshaimawan, Folks!

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