Geometry Dash Game iOS

Geometry Dash iOS Review

Challenge yourself to play Geometry Dash game for iOS. Geometry Dash is a rhythm-based action platform iOS game. So, in order to finish the passages on this game, the players must know when is the right timing to fly or jump. Let’s see how good your skill in completing the spiky obstacles on Geometry Dash iOS game.

Playing Geometry Dash is very simple. All you need is tapping the screen. But it is not as easy as it seems. You must know the perfect time to tap the screen. Geometry Dash iOS game has a lot of levels which will keep you entertained for hours.

Share your progress in playing Geometry Dash game using the level editor. Let you friends know how good your achievement is. It can be your motivation to finish all the challenges on Geometry Dash game.

Geometry Dash iOS game

Download Geometry Dash game for iOS

Click the download button below to install Geometry Dash on iPhone or iPad.

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash Application Information:

File Name: Geometry Dash
File Size: 97MB
Category: Games
Compatibility: iOS 8 or later
Price: $1.99

Keep playing Geometry Dash to unlock new icons and colors which you can use to customize your character. If you need a hand, use the practice mode provided on the game to sharpen your skills. By then, we believe you can complete the passages well.

Geometry Dash iOS game

You will never get bored of playing Geometry Dash as it has cool soundtracks as you play. One of the coolest thing of Geometry Dash is that you can make a level and share it with other people around the world. Let other people try the level you have made. In other hand, you can also play the level made by other people around the world.

This game never gets old. There are always something new that you can find on this game. However, Geometry Dash is not free. You must purchase $1.99 to be able to play the whole levels. It’s a cheap price for a wonderful game like Geometry Dash.

Check the following video for the tips from EricVanWilderman of how to get better at playing Geometry Dash iOS:

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