Snapchat++2 Multiple Accounts on iPhone without Jailbreak

Ever wonder how to use multiple Snapchat accounts on a single iPhone/iPad? We will show you how to do it in this article. First of all, it is possible to have more that one Snapchat accounts on one iPhone or iPad. So you don’t need to think about buying another iPhone just to have another Snapchat account.

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Multiple Snapchat Accounts

Previously we have written an article about how to download Snapchat for iOS from mios.haimawan. However, the Snapchat app that we discussed earlier only support for one account. Here, we are going to talk about Snapchat++2 that allows us to have multiple Snapchat accounts.

Snapchat has been a very popular social media in term of sharing pictures, though it’s a bit different compared to Instagram. However, unlike Instagram, by default, Snapchat still forbids its users from having multiple accounts on a single iPhone/iPad.

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Snapchat++2 App: NO Jailbreak

So you might think to have another phone if you want to create another Snapchat account. But now having multiple snapchat accounts on one iOS device is no longer a dream. We will tell you how to have multiple Snapchat accounts on iPhone without Jailbreak.

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How to Have Two Snapchat Accounts on iPhone without Jailbreak

This method that we are going to show you doesn’t require Jailbreak. Here, we are going to use a tweaked Snapchat++2 application that allows you to have multiple Snapchat accounts on your iPhone. This Snapchat++2 app is a modification app that is surely safe for your iPhone.

Here is the method to have multiple Snapchat accounts on one iPhone/iPad. All you need to do is download Snapchat++2 for iOS 9/10/11. Please read all the steps below thoroughly before executing. Remember, NO jailbreak is required for this method.

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Snapchat++2 Application Information

  • Name: Snapchat++2
  • Version: v.10.21.1
  • Size: 114.1MB

Download Snapchat++2 for iPhone / iPad / iOS 9/10/11

  1. Download TweakBox app and install it on your iOS gadget (iPhone and iPad).
  2. Launch TweaxBox app and tap on the APPS tab on top.
  3. Go to Tweaked Apps to find Snapchat++2 for iOS.
  4. Scroll down to find Snapchat++2 app.
  5. Tap on Snapchat++2 and press Install.
  6. A pop up notification will appear, click Install to proceed.
  7. Done.

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Once you have done with the installation, you can start to login to your primary Snapchat account. Then, you can start to create another account using this Snapchat++2 for iPhone. This is by far is the most easiest way to have two or more Snapchat accounts on one iOS gadget.

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Fix Snapchat Account not working on iPhone without Jailbreak

If you see an error appears on your screen while you are trying to run Snapchat++2 on iPhone/iPad, you can try several methods:

  1. First, try to uninstall Snapchat++2 from your iPhone and reinstall it again by following the steps above.
  2. Secondly, go to Settings > General and scroll down to find Profile & Device Management.
  3. Tap on Beijing Founder Electronic…’
  4. Tap on ‘iPhone Distribution: Beijing Founder Electronics Co Ltd’ App on This iPhone.
  5. A popup notification will appear. Tap Trust once again to confirm.

install iPhone app

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Now try to run the Snapchat++2 app once again. Most probably you should be able to use Snapchat++2 properly now. Please let us know if you still have some trouble related to this app. We would be very happy to help you solving the problem.

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