The Sims™ Mobile MOD iOS Download | The Sims Mobile is available on iPhone or iPad. So, you can play The Sims™ Mobile any where and anytime from your smartphone. Basically, the game has similar gameplay with The Sims game that you usually play on PC. If you are interested to this game, you can download The Sims™ Mobile MOD iOS on this page.

the sims mobile mod ios download

What is The Sims™ Mobile MOD?

The Sims™ Mobile MOD is the modification version of the original game. There are some tweaks that The Sims™ Mobile MOD has:

  • Unlimited SimCash
  • Unlimited SimCoin
  • Unlimited XP
  • Unlimited Simoleons

You don’t need to worry again about money. Just buy everything that you need and enjoy the game. With the unlimited money you have, you can build your dream house and do whatever you want in the game.

If you are interested to play this game, follow the tutorial below to download The Sims™ Mobile MOD iOS on iPhone or iPad for free. Read each step carefully, so that you can install The Sims™ Mobile MOD iOS successfully.

the sims mod ios download

Application Information:
File Name: The Sims™ Mobile
File Size: 93.81MB
Category: Games
Compatibility: iOS 9 or later

How to Download The Sims™ Mobile MOD app on iPhone or iPad

  1. Download TweakBox App Store alternative on this page.
  2. Install in on iPhone or iPad.
  3. Launch TweakBox download app.
  4. Go to HACKED GAMES.
  5. Type The Sims in the searching box on the top.
  6. Tap the result and press Install twice.

how to download the sims mobile mod ios

Go back to home screen and wait for the installation progress. Once you have seen the icon on the home screen, it means it’s successfully installed. Tap on it to begin playing The Sims Mobile MOD iOS on iPhone or iPad.

The Sims™ Mobile Tips and Tricks

Even though you have downloaded The Sims Mobile MOD iOS and money is not your concern, you still need to play this game like usual. We will give you some The Sims™ Mobile tips and tricks to make this game more meaningful and fun.

  1. Perform daily tasks. Do your to-do-list every day. You can do up to 8 tasks in one day.
  2. Party a lot. Not only that you can be happy, it can also increase your acquaintance level. Moreover, you can gain more points if any subject concerning your hobby is at your party.
  3. Buy as much as you can. You can unlock more areas and new rooms by spending your money to whatever things you need or want.
  4. Build large rooms. Different from the PC version, you can only make a rectangular room and in certain amount.
  5. Let your Sims always be active. Though you are not playing, it’s better to keep them busy with anything.
  6. Stay away from Izzys Shopping Frenzy. Izzys can unlock interesting outfit. But the problem is we don’t know whether it’s male or female outfit.
  7. Send out Sims for retirement. This tip will unlock new Heirlooms. More features and hobbies will appear afterward.
  8. Play a lot. Invite your Sims to play to grow up. By doing this way, your Sims will gain new features and develop stories.

That’s all some of the The Sims Mobile Tips and Tricks you can follow while playing the game. You can also watch the video below to see the The Sims Mobile MOD iOS walkthrough.

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