Tutorial to Install GBA4iOS iOS 11 on iPhone without Jailbreak

Retro games never dies! Even though the technology of games have developed amazingly, many people are still playing old school games like Gameboy Advance games. Pokemon Fire Red has been one of the most popular GBA games that is still played until now.

This retro GBA game might not have a fancy graphic like most of the recent games. But it’s surely brings fun for the players. To play GBA games, we must use a game console called Game Boy Advance games console. However, since the company has stopped manufacturing the Gameboy Advance games console, it’s hard to find one. Luckily we can use GBA4iOS for iPhone that works wonderfully on iOS 11 in order to replace the GBA games console.

gba4ios ios 11 download

What is GBA4iOS?

GBA4iOS is an application made by Rileytestut (/u/iskythe) that allows iOS users to play Game Boy Advances games on iPhone / iPad. In other words, GBA4iOS will turn our iOS devices into a Game Boy Advance games console. More importantly, this GBA4iOS app supports iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9 and iOS 8.

No Jailbreak is required to download and install GBA4iOS iOS 11 on iPhone / iPad. It means we can download and install this GBA emulator on iOS devices which is similar to when we download an iOS application from App Store. Besides, GBA4iOS offers a bunch of great features that other GBA emulators app might not have, such as Cheat Codes, Save States, Dropbox Support, Multiplayer Support and many more. These great features are available for free.

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Download GBA4iOS iOS 11 on iPhone without Jailbreak

As we have mentioned earlier, GBA4iOS supported the new iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad. Moreover, the best thing of GBA4iOS iOS 11 is that we don’t need to Jailbreak our iPhone to install this app. This is a good news as Jailbreak comes with a great risk to your iOS devices.

To have GBA4iOS download on our iPhone is very easy. You can download this GBA emulator from Tweakbox download app because it’s not available in the App Store. TweakBox is an App Store alternative similar to mios.haimawan download app. GBA4iOS iOS 11 is safe for your iPhone even though it’s from the third party iOS download app. Look at the steps below to find how to download GBA4iOS iOS 11 for iPhone without Jailbreak.

download gba4ios for iphone

How to Install GBA4iOS iOS 11 for iPhone without Jailbreak

Read the note below before you download GBA4iOS to iPhone.

Return the date on iPhone/iPad to at least two days earlier before you download GBA4iOS 2.1 app. You can go to Settings >> General >> Date & Time to set the date. Once you have finished the GBA4iOS installation progress, you can set the date back to normal.

  1. Leave the date to the actual date. Then, download TweakBox App and install it on iPhone. You don’t need Jailbreak to download and install TweakBox app on iPhone/iPad.
  2. Now go to Settings >> General >> Date & Time to change the date to at least two days earlier.
  3. Tap TweakBox download App to run the app. Then, tap the APPS tab on top.
  4. Go to Tweakbox Apps.
  5. Scroll down to find GBA4iOS application. Tap on it and then tap Install. A confirmation box will appear. Tap Install once again to proceed the installation.

download gba4ios ios 11

Wait for the installation progress. The GBA4iOS icon will appear on the home screen when it has been successfully installed. You can set the date back to normal now.

Even though GBA4iOS iOS 11 has been successfully installed on iOS devices, an error would likely to appear when you try to open GBA4iOS app. Don’t panic. It’s normal because you download it from other source than App Store.

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We must trust GBA4iOS app manually to be able to run it on iPhone or iPad. Trusting the app manually will take only a few minutes and it doesn’t harm your iPhone or iPad. GBA4iOS is safe for iPhone/iPad. Read the tutorial to trust GBA4iOS app on iPhone or iPad below:

How to Trust GBA4iOS app on iPhone or iPad

We will show you how to solve the error that appear on GBA4iOS.

  1. Make sure that the date is normal. (You can set it on Settings >> General >> Date & Time)
  2. Go to Settings >> General and scroll down to Profile & device Management.
  3. Tap on ‘Meridian Medical Network…
  4. Tap Trust “Meridian Medical Network Corp
  5. A pop up message will appear. Tap Trust once again to confirm.

how to trust gba4iso on iphone

how to trust gba4ios ios 11 on iphone

You will see that GBA4iOS has been verified after giving a trust to the app on iPhone/iPad. If it’s fail, you can repeat the step once again. But we didn’t encounter any problem when trying the tutorial.

Now after you have trusted GBA4iOS iOS 11 on iPhone or iPad. You are good to play any GBA games that once became your favorite. There are thousands of free Game Boy Advance games that you can download and play using GBA4iOS iOS 11. Check the tutorial to download games on GBA4iOS below.

How to download games on GBA4iOS

After you have done installing GBA4iOS on iOS 11, the next step that you need to do to play your favorite GBA games is to download the GBA games themselves. There are two easy ways to download GBA games right from GBA4iOS for iPhone iOS 11:

  1. Open GBA4iOS iOS 11 and tap the search button on the top right corner of GBA4iOS to launch the built browser. Then, go to https://gba4ios-download.com/category/gba4ios-game/ by typing that address in the Google search box in order to to download the GBA games. The results will appear on the screen. After that, you can download any GBA games that you want for free, such as Pokemon, Crash Bandicoot, Mario Bross, and other GBA games.
  2. Another way to download GBA4iOS games is to directly download the GBA games from the website. Open Safari app on iPhone or iPad. Type https://gba4ios-download.com/category/gba4ios-game/ in the address box and press Go. You will be directed to the website automatically. After that, choose the GBA4iOS games that you want to play. Tap the download button and wait for the downloading progress. Then, tap ‘Open in…’ or ‘Open in GBA4iOS…’ and tap GBA4iOS. GBA4iOS iOS 11 will launch afterwards. You can start to play the Game Boy Advance games now.

download gba games

That’s all how you download games on GBA4iOS for iPhone or iPad. We hope it helps you to fulfill your wish to play retro games like Game Boy Advance games.

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However, you can use Cheat Codes to get rare items, unlimited money, or other things. Don’t forget to save your games regularly when you play the GBA games, so that you don’t need to start over again. Also, GBA4iOS provides a support to backup your data in the Dropbox to prevent lost data.

That’s all the GBA4iOS for iOS 11 review. Download it on your iPhone and play the Game Boy Advances games. Happy playing!