X-VPN App Download iOS

Use X-VPN app to protect you from the prying eyes while you are browsing using a public Wifi hotspot. X-VPN download app will secure your internet connection from bad people who are trying to steal your personal information, such as emails, cedit card, etc. So you will be fine when using the public internet connection.

With the help of X-VPN app for iPhone, your internet connection will be secured by using advanced encryption. Your data will be encrypted using 256-bit encryption technology choices of 7 types of security channel.

XVPN iOS download

This app can also hide your internet activities from the providers or ISP and government. So they will not be able to monitor your activities in the internet.

Manage your virtual location anywhere by using X-VPN download app. X – VPN app for iPhone has provided servers all over the world which helps the users to set their location anywhere they like.

Set you IP address with a public IP address from the location provided on the app. This feature is very useful for those who want to open apps but are limited with the Geo-restriction from the ISP. It means you can still follow your favorite TV series, videos, music, etc. that are not available in other countries.

Easily bypass the blocked and restricted websites with X-VPN app for iPhone. It can open most websites that many schools and workplaces restricted. Some countries might blocked the social media and instant message apps. Just open X-VPN download app and open the websites you want.

Download X-VPN App

xvpn app download

xvpn download app

Application Information

  • App Name: X-VPN
  • Size: 32.8MB
  • Category: Productivity
  • Compatibility: iOS 8 or later

How to use X-VPN App

Follow the simple steps below to install X-VPN and use it on iOS, iPhone or iPad:

1. Download X-VPN app from the link above.
2. Click allow to add VPN configuration.
3. Tap the connect button.

You can see the picture below for more clear steps.

x-vpn download app

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