YouTube Cercube Video Downloader iOS 11 without Jailbreak

Everyone knows that YouTube forbids the viewers to download the videos from its website. This has encouraged Apple to also remove video downloader app for iOS from the Apple Store. But this doesn’t stop anyone from trying to download YouTube videos from iPhone/iPad. Luckily there is a powerful app that can help iOS users to download YouTube video right from the iPhone/iPad for free. YouTube Cercube for iOS devices can be the answer.

Download youtube cercube ios 11 without jailbreak

What is YouTube Cercube iOS 11?

YouTube Cercube is the best YouTube video downloader application for iOS devices. This app is the tweak version from the original YouTube application for iOS. This tweak brings the most feature that everyone wants for so long, download video from YouTube. Most importantly, YouTube Cercube runs on iOS 11/10/9 flawlessly for free.

The video download feature that YouTube Cercube for iPhone/iPad brought will help anyone who want to save YouTube videos and see it offline. It means that you can watch the video offline and share it to friends or family. You can check the Photos app once you have downloaded video using YouTube Cercube iOS 11.

YouTube Cercube ios 11

YouTube Cercube iOS video and audio downloader

YouTube Cercube iOS download offers various quality of video to download. There are some video quality options from 144p – 4K that you can choose for yourself. Then, YouTube Cercube video downloader will download it for you. Before you choose the quality, always remember that the better the video quality, the bigger the size of the video file.

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Not only able to download video, YouTube Cercube for iPhone also offers a feature to download audio from YouTube. When you only want to have the audio only of a video, YouTube Cercube iOS will do it for you easily. It will automatically convert the video into audio file. You can then export it to the Music application to enjoy the audio. This audio download feature is very useful if you want to download songs from YouTube on iPhone/iPad.

Download YouTube Cercube for iOS without Jailbreak

Before you download YouTube Cercube for iOS, you must have an iOS device running on at least iOS 9. This app also works best on iOS 11. It means you can download YouTube Cercube video downloader on various iPhone and iPad.


No Jailbreak is needed to install YouTube Cercube iOS video downloader on iPhone and iPad. Besides, you don’t need to use windows computer or Mac for this tutorial. So this means you can download YouTube Cercube iOS and install it right from iPhone/iPad.

How to install YouTube Cercube for iOS on iPhone/iPad using TweakBox:

As you know that Apple has forbade all video download applications to be in App Store, so YouTube Cercube iOS will not be available in App Store. Thus, you must download TweakBox download app in the first place. TweakBox download app is the App Store alternative app. Visit TweakBox download app page for the detail.

After you have downloaded TweakBox download app and install it on your iPhone or iPad, we will learn how to download YouTube Cercube iOS without Jailbreak:

Note: If you have YouTube app on your iPhone or iPad, uninstall it before downloading the YouTube Cercube iOS. It can cause conflict during the installation.

  1. Launch TweaxBox app and tap on the APPS tab on top.
  2. Go to Tweakbox Apps.
  3. Scroll down to find 2 YouTube Cercube.
  4. Tap on 2 YouTube Cercube and press Install.
  5. A pop up notification will appear, click Install to proceed.
  6. Done.

YouTube Cercube iOS 11 download

Go back to the home screen and wait for the installation of YouTube Cercube video downloader for iPhone. You have been successfully install YouTube Cercube for iPhone without Jailbreak.

Now tap the icon when it has fully appeared. An error message saying ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer’ would likely appear. It’s normal and we will fix it for you.

Fix YouTube Cercube iOS not working on iPhone without Jailbreak

It’s normal to see an error message after you download YouTube Cercube iOS from TweakBox download app. You only need to trus the developer. We will show you how to solve the error on YouTube Cercube for iOS.

  1. Go to Settings > General and scroll down to find Profile & Device Management.
  2. Tap on ‘Beijing Founder Electronic…
  3. Tap on ‘iPhone Distribution: Beijing Founder Electronics Co Ltd’ App on This iPhone.
  4. A popup notification will appear. Tap Trust once again to confirm.

install iPhone app

install ios app

Tap on the YouTube Cercube iOS once again after you perform the steps above. The error message should have disappeared by now and you can run YouTube Cercube video downloader for iPhone/iPad smoothly.

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As YouTube Cercube for iPhone/iPad has similar user interface like the original YouTube app, you will less likely find difficulties in using this video downloader application. Therefore, you can read the tutorial below of how to download video using YouTube Cercube iOS 11/10/9.

How to Download Video using YouTube Cercube for iPhone/iPad

Now you have already had a powerful video downloader on your iPhone or iPad. It’s time to learn how to download YouTube video using YouTube Cercube video downloader application.

  1. Open YouTube Cercube for iPhone and search for the video that you want to download.
  2. Tap on the download button under the video. There are two download buttons. The right download button is to download the video file and you can save the video file. While the left download button is to download the video, but you cannot save the video file. The second button is the feature provided by the YouTube app. So, if you want to download the video and save the file, choose the download button on the right.
  3. You will see a video qualities list on the screen. Choose the video quality that you want to download.
  4. YouTube Cercube iOS will start to download the video. Find the video in the download folder and export it to Photos app.

Download YouTube video using YouTube Cercube iOS

You can now enjoy watching the video offline and share the video with your friends and family. However, it also possible to download audio only using YouTube Cercube for iPhone. Keep reading to see how it’s done.

How to Download Audio using YouTube Cercube for iPhone/iPad

YouTube Cercube is not only able to download video from YouTube, but also offers a feature to download the audio only. It’s very useful if you merely want to download the audio of songs.

  1. Tap YouTube Cercube for iOS icon to launch it. Search the song or music that you want to download the audio.
  2. Tap the download button on the right under the video.
  3. Choose audio to download the audio of the songs or music.

Download audio using YouTube Cercube iOS

YouTube Cercube will automatically convert the video into audio. The quality of the video is quite wonderful. It’s in the mp3 format which means you can open it via iTunes or other music apps.

YouTube Cercube iOS 11/10/9 Features:

  • Download YouTube videos up to 4K resolutions.
  • Download video and audio for free.
  • Manage and share video download to any applications.
  • Import the video download files to Photos and Music applications.
  • Rewind and forward skipping buttons.
  • Speed controls to YouTube players.
  • Video background playback enabled.

Wrapping Up

If you ever need a YouTube video downloader application for iPhone or iPad, YouTube Cercube iOS is the best options. It offers complete features to download video and audio with wonderful qualities. Moreover, no Jailbreak is required to install YouTube Cercube iOS dowload. Lastly, you can use this app for free.

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